By Yalın Kentli

In pursuit of the lean life model,

Making effective technological solutions accessible for initiatives, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, communities or individuals working primarily for the rights of nature, women, and children,

We transform together!

In software and product development, we manage projects and products with the approaches built on Agile methodologies by developing teams and processes that

  • Develop simple and high quality products in the short term,
  • Are flexible to changing needs,
  • Improve continously,
  • Communicate effectively,
  • Work with collaboration and high motivation



As a social enterprise, we transfer our earnings to the projects we produce to find solutions to the climate crisis, environmental pollution, and violence against women and children.


Our Transformation Workshops are sharing areas that we

  • Transfer knowledge and experience,
  • Gain different perspectives,
  • Produce new projects with synergy,
  • Enjoy transforming together

to build the lean life.

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