About Us

By Yalın Kentli

Lean Life Institute, also known as EnstitüYaYa, is a social enterprise that emerged with the proposition that unmet needs lie at the root of social problems and the solution lies in a simple lifestyle. The primary issues on our agenda are the climate crisis, environmental pollution, and the abuse of women and children, which emerge as a result of human exploitation of nature and humans, and whose urgency is increasing exponentially every day.

When we look at these gigantic problems from a holistic perspective and remove their shells one by one, the lack of education, disconnection from people and nature, unresolved traumas and therefore unmet needs are revealed in the center. The lifestyle we propose is a candidate to eliminate the social character created by these root problems and the problems created by this character. >> Lean Idea

Simply, we see the solution in a system where we can meet our basic needs in line with a set of principles that we call “lean”. We define our basic needs as a whole of our physical, emotional and mental needs.

Basic Needs
Lean Life Principles


We see the necessity of technological opportunities and digitalization in order to reach our goal of lean life, and we manifest our expertise in these fields. We take it as our duty to carry out research and development, software development and management, product development and management, project management, training, and publication studies in order to transform into a society that has adopted the principles of lean life. >> Solution Proposition

Our Activities

We work impact and benefit oriented. We use the financial gains and other outputs from our activities to create the necessary resources to find solutions to the problems we focus on, and to implement new projects. >> Institutional Framework


Our biggest motivation is to produce social value and social impact in order to contribute to the transformation. However, we consider establishing bonds with every stakeholder involved or willing to be involved in the transformation, empathy, and making knowledge and experience accessible to everyone as indispensable parts of the solution.


As EnstitüYaYa, we work with solidarity towards a peaceful and sustainable future. We keep our doors open to every stakeholder with whom we can take joint steps to transform together. >> Contact

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