Institutional Framework

By Yalın Kentli

Our institutional framework includes our fundamental understanding of financial and legal issues, impact management and labor sharing.

  • Since our work includes the whole of research, development, training, implementation and management activities, we found an institute framework appropriate.
  • As a social enterprise, we are making our plans to transfer the profits we will gain from our activities to the work we do to find solutions to the problems we focus on. Accordingly, we have established a structure in which the legal partner or partners of the institute will not receive dividends, but will benefit from the salary and other additional benefits other employees benefit from if they are working effectively.
  • Currently, we carry out our activities voluntarily without any financial gain, and we are establishing the infrastructure of transparency where we will share our financial reports, management and shareholder information on an annual scale on our website in the future when we decide to incorporate.

Our Impact

We monitor, scale, report and share the impact of our activities. We use this data primarily to feed our own work. Developing and diversifying our products and services for greater impact is a natural and continuous part of our community culture.

Our Team

  • We include individuals from all age groups, who share our goals and principles and want to work in this direction, into our processes.
  • Our team consists of employees, volunteers and consultants.
    • Our employees consist of individuals who are competent or growing in their field.
    • Our volunteer program includes everyone from the pre-school period.
    • We choose our consultants from friends who are competent in their fields.
  • We carry out our work through processes in which every individual who works for the institute has a say.
  • We fill our positions according to the competencies, responsibilities and attitudes of those who work, and we do not attribute hierarchical meanings to job titles.
  • We implement a work model that allows each individual to work remotely at their own convenience, on a full-time or part-time basis, and anywhere on the planet.
  • We prioritize our team members to benefit from wages and benefits that can easily meet their needs.
  • We care that all our team members are involved in the transformation, benefit from the studies of the institute and meet their needs in a lean way.
  • We conduct business management in accordance with Agile and Lean Methodologies.

Our Founder

Nuran Eyaz

An individual who is determined to evaluate her professional and personal knowledge, experience and effort for social problems that affect her deeply,

Professionally worked in every step of the software development and management lifecycle in corporate / R&D projects since 2004,

Has worked as a product owner and manager in artificial intelligence-based solutions for years, and has been the team leader and mentor of a product and technology team responsible for product development, project management and technology consultancy of all projects related to the products she is responsible for,

Is a conflict resolver and communication facilitator, practitioner and trainer in peaceful communication also is trained on trauma and post-traumatic psychosocial support,

Is a social entrepreneur, certified permaculture designer, nature, women’s and children’s rights volunteer, who invests her earnings in the development of education and projects on peaceful living and communication, ecological transformation and sustainability.

See for her professional profile:

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