Lean Idea

By Yalın Kentli

Lean idea constitutes the basic idea of EnstitüYaYa‘s starting point. It defines the problems we focus on due to our observations and experiences, our views on their origins, our aims in this direction, and guides us to solutions.

The Problems

We are focused on major problems that we need to work on by mobilizing all our resources without wasting time.

The climate crisis and environmental pollution we see when we turn our face to nature,

Therefore, the underlying causes are the use of fossil fuels, unsustainable mining, agriculture and other industrial production activities, chemical pollution caused by these activities, deforestation, overconsumption, disposable products, food and other wastes that can be reused but turned into garbage…

The oppression, violence and abuse we see when we turn our faces to people,

Therefore, oppression and violence applied to any individual and community at home, at school, at work, in relationships, in society, and abuse, especially against women and children…

On the one hand, each of the problems stress us out, our living space is narrowed, we have difficulty in breathing peacefully. On the other hand, while we have solution-oriented methods, science, technology and human resources, we do not and cannot use these resources effectively.

Apparent Solutions

When we look at the above factors that cause the climate crisis and environmental pollution, the first solutions that come to mind are

Renewable energy systems, sustainable production, processing, storage and transportation methods in agriculture and other needs, consumption as needed, recycling and upcycling, zero-waste systems, circular economy, protection of nature components, forestation methods, legal sanctions…

For violence and abuse,

Raising social awareness for peaceful life and against violence, economic independence, distinguishing and rehabilitating individual and collective traumas that are recent or handed down from generation to generation, legal sanctions…

And brand new alternatives that can be produced as we work on them…

Why Can’t We Implement Solutions Effectively?

But why don’t we effectively implement the solutions right in front of our eyes? Why do our rebellions and the desire to take responsibility last for only a few days, even in huge crises and disasters? Why is individual or social transformation difficult? How can we continue to live in the same system despite these huge troubles and pains, which sometimes make and will make our lives unbearable?

According to Lean Idea, the answer to these questions lies in the social character structure that causes the problems we mentioned at the beginning. When we examine the features of this exploitation character, how and why these features are formed, we see that each of these features emerged as the results of a natural protection mechanism.

Character Traits That Lead to Exploitation

  • Ignoring: The individual or society with this character structure avoids the reality of the problems by ignoring them. One of three natural responses to any danger is to flight, while the other two are to fight and freeze. The danger at stake seems too great for “one” (individual/society) to deal with by fighting, therefore “the one” chooses to flight. Moreover, the one does this when there are different solution options, that is, when it is a problem that can be dealt with, because the one
    • Does not know, cannot see these solutions.
    • Has more pressing problems and unmet needs.
    • Has traumatic experiences that prevent oneself from coping with problems.
  • Not Taking Responsibility: The individual or society with this character structure blames the “others” and does not accept the one’s own mistakes, because the one
    • Too disconnected to see the relationship between the one’s own actions and problems.
    • With an intense, unresolved guilt from the past, carries a psychological burden that the one can’t handle yet another mistake.
  • Striving For Dominanation: The individual or society with this character believes that they have the right to do what they want to nature and people when they have the opportunity and power, because the one
    • Does not see that the one is only a part of the whole.
    • Is in need of superiority because of the crushing blows the one has received from nature or human for generations.
    • It’s the only way the one knows how to meet the one’s unmet needs.
  • Egocentrism: The individual or society with this character structure only sees oneself as important and prioritized. The one seeks short-term enjoyment, comfort and benefit, devalues “others” by objectifying them, because the one
    • Has to meet one’s own unmet needs first.
    • Is unaware of the needs of others other than oneself.
    • Does not see that her actions and choices are harming oneself in the long run.
    • Is under the influence of past deprivations.

Root Problems

When we revisit the origins of each character trait, the commonalities we encounter give us the root problem:

  • Lack of basic needs
  • Lack of Education
  • Disconnection from nature and human
  • Unresolved traumas

As a result, if we are willing to take responsibility for solving the exploitation of humans against nature and humans under the headings of climate crisis and environmental pollution, as well as abuse of women and children, we see the necessity of not only developing and applying techniques and methods for the apparent causes, but also fighting hard against these root problems. So that, we can achieve a lasting effect that can destroy the exploitative character.

From the problems we focus on to the root problems

Root Problem and Our Objectives

In order to set out from the root problem to the solution, let’s open the roots a little and express our objectives:

Lack of Basic Needs

We see that people are not able to meet their basic needs adequately, and that these deprivations are reflected in the behavior of the individual, consciously or unconsciously, as border violations that manifest themselves in various forms from excessive consumption to violence.

Our objective is to meet the physical, psychological and mental needs of each individual from the beginning to the end of the one’s life in a “lean” way.

Lack of Education

It concerns us, the low level of awareness and culture of individuals and society about the problems we focus on and basic vital issues.

Our objective is to ensure that every member of the society

  • Having access to information and training to meet their basic needs,
  • To be born and grown in knowledge naturally and culturally without having to make an effort to access this knowledge,
  • Having the ability to distinguish accurate information,
  • Receiving the training in which the one can put the acquired knowledge into practice..

Disconnection From Human and Nature

Since we started to meet our needs with money and sometimes without even seeing a human face, not being able to produce ourselves, and spending most of our time and energy to earn money, we have been disconnected from ourselves, from each other and from nature. We can easily stay out or leave out. On the one hand, we have become dependent on those who provide our needs, and on the other hand, we have no contact with the before or after, with those who labor or who are affected. While breaking away from the truth, the fakes we are exposed to through all kinds of media directly and deeply affect our perceptions. We become addicted, alienated, distrustful, lonely, standardized, marginalized, objectified.

From this perspective, our objective is to transform into individuals and societies that

  • Know nature, themselves and people,
  • Stay connected, establish secure bonds with empathy,
  • Preserve diversity,
  • Acts in cooperation and solidarity,
  • Are co-producing, co-living and self-sufficient.

Unresolved Traumas

If the traumas caused by the intense helplessness and oppression that a person faces due to a problem that is too big for him to struggle or escape, cannot be resolved in a healthy way, if it is an individual trauma, it directly affects the behavior of that individual and his family for generations. If it is a social trauma, it directly affects the behavior of that society. One side of our traumatic life manifests itself in the exploitative society caused by the greed of domination of nature by the person who was oppressed by the power of nature in the past. The other side is manifested in the exploitative character traits of an individual who experienced various deprivations or abuses in early childhood. Emotional atrophy, insecurity, inability to take action in the face of a problem, not taking responsibility, and behaviors that lead to border violations are just a few indicators of our unresolved traumas.

Our objective is;

  • To prevent traumas that individuals and societies may experience,
    • To carry out preventive studies that can prevent traumatic events,
    • To provide psychological, economic, legal and social support needed after traumatic events,
  • To heal traumatic experiences from the past.

Where Lean Idea Brings Us

The majority of the problems we focus on and the urgency they gain show us the necessity of struggling in an organized manner, with all our resources, as individuals, communities and governments from all branches, to achieve these goals. It is clear that we need interdisciplinary collective studies where we can benefit from the accumulation of every field of life and science. However, we are aware that even a single individual can create meaningful effects with their sincere efforts and hard work.

Our principles, methods and duties form the basis of our solution proposal, in order to perpetuate even the smallest effect we produce. >> Our Solution Proposition

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