Solution Proposition

By Yalın Kentli

Our solution proposition is based on the methods we choose to use, the tasks we specify, and our principles in line with our professional competencies. We are moving in the light of these limits so that transformation can be effective at every scale, from the smallest to the largest,. 


Our goal is to establish and maintain a lifestyle where we can meet all our physical, mental and psychological needs with lean methods. Therefore, our actions include solutions to simply meet our needs and work to remove the obstacles that hinder these solutions.

Meet The Needs

In our opinion, meeting the needs is possible by building a holistic working universe that

  • Will produce the source or make it visible,
  • Will bring together the resource and the needy,
  • Will increase the level of knowledge and education so that all stakeholders in the process prefer and demand lean choices at every stage from the production, transfer and termination of the said resource,
  • Will create an environment of trust and a culture of solidarity,
  • Will prevent and heal traumas

The continuity of this universe depends on its ability to constantly develop and transform, to evolve into a new one by feeding on knowledge and experience.

Our Activities

Our Mission

Our mission in creating this universe is

  • By revealing our own expertise, knowledge and skills, primarily to meet the needs in the fields of research and development, software development, project management, product management and training, and to reinforce these studies with publications and events,
  • To work in cooperation with the stakeholders related to each of the problems we focus on, on a scientific and peaceful ground.

In particular, we care about acting together to meet the needs of social enterprises, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, communities or individuals with common goals within our area of expertise. In this direction, our most important tools are science, technology and peaceful communication.

Our Method

We involve stakeholders in the process, both in product and service development and in our management coordination efforts. We start by designing and producing the minimum viable solution. We use agile methodologies that expand the scope of the solution by constantly monitoring and improving the output and impact. The process consists of two sub-processes running parallel to each other. While developing products and services from one branch, we continue communication activities from the other.

Our Method

In the development process, we define the problem with support from our own research and academic data. We analyze needs, design, develop and apply to the real world in line with our principles and competencies. We follow the outputs with both automatic reports and various quality and evaluation studies.

In the communication process, which starts with defining the problem, we carry out publishing activities that will increase the visibility of the problem. We organize events with all stakeholders, from the needy to the resource producers and experts. We both understand each other better and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution together.

At the end of each development cycle, we feed ourselves with the feedback we receive from the solution itself and from stakeholders. Then we begin the next cycle, which will expand the scope of the solution a little further. These cycles continue until we reach the stage we aim for.

Our Projects

Since our goal is a new way of life, we have many projects for every need of life. We both advance our own projects and contribute to the projects of stakeholders who are trying to go in the same direction as us. As we are enthusiastic and hardworking in producing an impact, we are also aware of our limitations.

Our Goals

Our Principles

In every work we do, in our plans, in our decisions and in our actions, we act according to the principles that the issues we focus on and the goals we specify point to us. We use our principles as a self-control mechanism both in our own work and when acting with the stakeholders we work with. We realize that every step we take in the light of these principles comes back to us as many benefits, and our principles provide us simplicity. Therefore, we define our basic principles under the titles of peaceful, sustainable, independent, healthy, enjoyable and reparative, and we shortly use the word “lean” for all of them. In this direction, we call the lifestyle we aim to achieve as “lean life”.

Lean Life Principles

Peacefulness includes nonviolence, justice, respect and harmlessness for all. It means, in every step we take, staying true to the facts, protecting our own borders, being aware of every component of nature, including human, that is affected by our step, and respecting its limits, thus not harming ourselves or others.

Sustainability includes holism, wastelessness and simplicity in the functioning of nature. It means to produce, use only as much as we need, recycle and upcycle without producing waste, using natural methods and considering every related component.

Independence includes freedom, self-sufficiency and the comfort of transparency. This includes an individual’s acquisition of life skills to meet his own needs, a producer’s ability to produce with the least input, and even an individual’s regaining the one’s psychological freedom from the exploiter or the community.

Cheerfulness includes smile, joy of life and creativity. It expresses that simplicity can be colorful at the same time, that our basic needs do not consist of objects such as food, clothing or shelter, that togetherness, cooperation, solidarity, the joy of play, music, theatre, dance, literature, in short, art brings us and the sense of unity provided by self-realization.

Health emerges as a result of other principles along with safety; because a peaceful, sustainable, independent and cheerful way of life naturally protects our health and nature, plays a preventive role against diseases and ensures our safety.

Reparation stems from the need to heal the damage we have already done to every component of nature, including ourselves, emphasizing our facilitation and benefit orientation.

Set of Principles

From Our Solution Proposition To Solution Itself

While trying to reach a society that has adopted a lean life, we see that our principles, methods and duties primarily transform us. We deeply experience that this transformation gives us relief, and we look forward to making our solutions reach more people.

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