Management Services

By Yalın Kentli

If you are working to find solutions to social problems, we are here with our management services for your product management, product development, project management, software management needs.

Our Objective

For each initiative, non-governmental organization, cooperative, community or individual working towards the social problems we focus on, to provide,

  • Effective technological solutions
  • Lower costs
  • Higher labor and time efficiency
  • Easy management
  • Transformation with higher social impact

Our Methods

With methods based on Agile and Lean methodologies, we develop teams and processes that

  • Can develop simple and high quality products in the short term,
  • Are flexible against changing needs,
  • Are continuously improving,
  • Communicate effectively,
  • Have high collaboration and motivation.

Management Consultancy

  • Requirement analysis
  • Creation of product roadmap
  • Management of software, technology and product development activities
  • Software quality management
  • Ensuring communication coordination between stakeholders
  • Process development of processes
  • And meeting other specific product management needs
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project planning and report
  • Project process management
  • Quality management
  • And meeting other specific project management needs
  • Agile, Scrum trainings and implementations
  • Developing Agile team structure
  • Establishing a communication culture
  • Monitoring and management of transformation processes
  • And meeting other specific transformation needs
  • Defining quality standards
  • Management of test processes
  • Management of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) processes
  • Technical training of teams
  • Establishing a communication culture
  • Coordinating between Agile and DevOps teams
  • And meeting other specific software quality management requirements

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