Terms of Use

By Yalın Kentli

This Terms of Use document is between the Lean Life Institute (“EnstitüYaYa”) and individuals (“Users”) who use and/or become members of the website at www.enstituyaya.org, and EnstitüYaYa’s accounts in various social media specified on our contact page. are made to specify the terms of use. From the moment you enter our website, you agree to be bound by this agreement and all applicable laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property Rights

The ownership, management, copyright and usage rights of all content on the EnstitüYaYa website or social media accounts belong to EnstitüYaYa. You can use the said content only for non-commercial purposes, provided that you clearly state that the content belongs to EnstitüYaYa, give a clickable link to the reference and original content and not make any changes to the content.


  • The user can be a natural or legal person. If the user is a legal person, the rights and obligations will belong to the legal person. A person can have only one user. This user account is not transferable or allowed to third parties.
  • The user is responsible for ensuring that all information entered on the site is correct, up-to-date and belongs to him/her, for the use and management of all information, including user name and password, and therefore for losses and damages that may occur due to incomplete, incorrect or outdated information.
  • Every transaction performed on the user’s account will be deemed to have been carried out by the user himself. The user is responsible for any damage caused by the loss of account information and its use by third parties. In case of such use, you must inform EnstitüYaYa as soon as possible.
  • Any input, idea and thought that the user will declare through the site is his/her own personal opinion and only binds himself/herself. The site cannot be used for political and religious propaganda, advertising or profit-making purposes, and no actions may be taken on the site that lead to unfair competition, are contrary to the rights of anyone, may cause harm, or are contrary to general morality and laws.
  • The user may not take any action that may threaten the operation, security and content of the site, occupy the site, prevent other users from benefiting, access unauthorized data, process this data or make attempts to process it.
  • In this respect, the user accepts in advance that he will be responsible for the losses and damages that will occur in case of acting in a way that is considered a crime under the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Penal Code and other laws or that requires compensation.
  • The user can cancel his membership at any time.


  • Can update this agreement and its annexes at any time without any prior notice. Changes to the contract become effective when published on the website.
  • Does not guarantee that any content on the website or social media is always accurate, complete or up-to-date. On the other hand, EnstitüYaYa can change this content at any time, suspend or stop the publication of the site.
  • May temporarily block access to the site for various studies and updates to be made on the site. EnstitüYaYa declares that various technical problems may occur on the site.
  • Can delete user accounts, reject, delete, request editing or approve content created by users without giving any reason.
  • Applies the regulations regarding the data provided by the user within the scope of the Clarification Text prepared in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and published on the site.

Limitation of Liability

EnstitüYaYa is not responsible for

  • Any loss or damage that may occur
    • As a result of interactions between people while using the site, products and services.
    • As a result of viruses, software errors, cyber attacks, etc. either on the Site or in social media.
    • Caused by the use or inability to use the content on the Site or social media.
  • The content of the websites to which the links it provides for purposes such as providing information and convenience are directed.

Legal proceedings will be initiated against real and legal persons who do not comply directly or indirectly with this contract. In these transactions and other possible disputes, the relevant judicial processes will be carried out by the courts of the Republic of Turkey, subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

For your questions about this Terms of Use document and other communication requests, you can reach us from our contact addresses on our website.

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