Training Mentality

By Yalın Kentli

Our training mentality is shaped around two purposes:

  • While our technical trainings are structured to share information and develop skills on the fields we are experts in to institutions, communities and individuals working to find solutions to social problems,
  • Our social trainings are based on raising the awareness and culture level of individuals and society about lean life.

In line with our principles and our goal of producing a long-term impact that will contribute to the transformation, we have designed our trainings in a way that

  • The participants can access information and experience approved by the experts and practitioners of the subject and referenced to scientific studies, in an easy-to-understand way,
  • Will increase the participants’ ability to distinguish accurate information,
  • Will create a culture of solidarity where participants, as individuals who want to transform on the same subject, can carry out joint studies, connect with each other and share their experiences,
  • Will enable the participants to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained, to add to their lives permanently, and to be self-sufficient in the subject.

We use remote training opportunities as much as possible to get rid of time and place constraints. On the other hand, we appreciate the opportunities to be together as much as possible.

We Scale Our Impact

  • Before the training, we determine the status of the participants on the subject and take the initial status as a reference.
  • We measure short-term change after the training is complete. In addition, we receive training feedback and evaluate to improve the content.
  • According to the content, we observe the long-term effect by getting feedback after 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  • We evaluate every feedback we receive to improve the content and methods.

We Stay Connected

We do not want to break the connection after training. We invite those who want to join to the groups where we will continue to share and develop. In these groups, we improve our experiences and produce projects together.

Prices and Our Pay It Forward System

We do not apply fixed prices in our trainings. We determine the lowest amount to cover our costs, we leave it open. We transfer your additional contributions to our activities on peaceful life. These activities can be support trainings we prodive to economically disadvantaged individuals and groups who have been exposed to violence or are experiencing violence, as well as projects for the development of our solidarity groups. The additional contributions you make for the trainings you attend turn into gifts so that those in need can access these opportunities free of charge.

In addition, you can purchase our trainings as a gift to another individual in need and leave them as “a pending training”.

By contacting us, you can always inquire where your additional contributions are transferred, and you can follow our work on peaceful life on our website and social media accounts. (For our financial structure as a social enterprise, see: Our Institutional Framework)

When there is a pending training, we announce the content and application process on our website and social media accounts. We keep your applications in order, when the training opportunities you can benefit from free of charge become available, we determine your needs by making an appointment with you and invite you to the appropriate sessions.

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