Lean Nutrition Workshops

By Yalın Kentli

Lean Nutrition Workshops will change not only your diet, but also your perspective on food, food production and supply methods, the way you meet your needs, and will enable you to get to know your producers and access clean food.

With your participation in our workshops, you contribute to the free trainings and solidarity support of individuals in need. For pricing and pending training details >> Our Training Mentality

Lean Nutrition Transformation Workshop (19 hours)

This workshop series is under the title of Lean Nutrition and includes all the workshops we have listed below. At the same time, there is a special version for our younger ones between the ages of 8-17.

  • Fundamentals of Lean Nutrition
  • Becoming Free From Processed Sugar
  • Becoming Gluten-Free and Sourdough Bread
  • Clean Food
  • Animal Food Products
  • Food Processing, Probiotics and Fermented Foods

Fundamentals of Lean Nutrition (3 hours)

It’s time to change your diet. We determine the basic principles for a healthy, sustainable and peaceful diet, starting from the very beginning, starting from the definition of food. We review which food, when, where, how we buy it and how we consume it.

Becoming Free From Processes Sugar (3 hours)

It’s time to close the sugar issue. We address the sugar debate in the light of Lean Life Principles, and talk about process practices and alternatives to eliminate processed sugar from our diet.

Becoming Gluten-Free and Sourdough Bread (4 hours)

What is the effect of gluten that has been talked about so much? Why is the bread that we have eaten for thousands of years now considered harmful?

We discuss gluten through the evolution of bread, and talk about the practices of the gluten-free process for a lean nutrition. We get to know sourdough, we learn how to make breads and pastries with it, and if we can’t, where and how we can get it.

Clean Food (3 hours)

Wouldn’t you like to know how the food is produced, to eat food that you trust to be healthy and that you know the producer, and to be able to do this at an affordable cost?

Together, we deal with food production processes, and learn ways to access clean food.

Animal Food Products (3 hours)

What makes animal foods “indispensable”? Their importance in our diet? What about the effects of our diet with animal foods on us and nature?

We learn about the production methods of animal foods, and we talk about ways to benefit from animal foods without exploiting animals and nature.

Food Processing, Probiotics and Fermented Foods (3 hours)

Do you know ways to process and store your food in a healthy and sustainable way?

We get to know probiotics and learn the basic principles of fermentation. From kefir to vinegar and pickles, we talk about how to make it ourselves, simple food processing methods, and if we can’t, how we can get it.

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