Lean Parenthood Workshops

By Yalın Kentli

Lean Parenthood Workshops will support you to live the parenting experience in a natural, peaceful and enjoyable way. At the same time, it will ensure that you and your baby’s needs are met in a healthy, sustainable and affordable way.

With your participation in our workshops, you contribute to the free trainings and solidarity support of individuals in need. For pricing and pending training details >> Our Training Mentality

Lean Parenthood Transformation Workshops (33 hours)

This series of workshops is under the title of Lean Parenthood and covers all the workshops we have listed below.

  • Parenting Decision
  • Fundamentals of Peaceful Communication in Parenting
  • Pregnancy and Birth
  • Baby’s Basic Needs (0-2 Years)
  • Lean Nutrition, Breastfeeding, Complementary Food
  • Peaceful Sleep Pattern (0-3 Years)
  • Toilet Communication (0-3 Years)
  • Lean Child

Parenting Decision (3 hours)

We are talking about what awaits you in terms of psychological, ecological, social and economic aspects. We discuss the differences in parenting for men and women, and the reflections of the relationship between parents on the parenting experience.

Fundamentals of Peaceful Communication in Parenting (6 hours)

You think and prepare all your baby’s needs one by one. You want it to have no flaws. So do you know how to contact him? How will you understand their feelings and needs?

We talk about peaceful, sustainable and enjoyable ways to understand each other and meet your needs.

Pregnancy and Birth (6 hours)

Excited waiting and the curiosity that comes with uncertainty!

From pregnancy to birth, we talk about ways to meet our needs with health, peace and pleasure in a simple way. We find answers to our questions about our body, nutrition, and birth, and we move forward to parenthood with more confident steps with peace of mind.

Baby’s Basic Needs (0-2 Years) (3 hours)

You are expecting your baby, good luck.

We determine your baby’s and your basic needs. We are talking about ways to meet these needs with minimal, necessary items, keeping your baby’s health and safety in the foreground, and at a low cost. Together we make a list of needs.

Lean Nutrition, Breastfeeding, Complementary Food (6 hours)

What do you plan to do for your baby to eat healthy? You have questions, perhaps concerns, about breastfeeding, not breastfeeding, or not being able to breastfeed. Is he/she hungry? Is he/she getting enough nutrition? How long will he/she be breastfed? How will you end breastfeeding with peace? How will you switch to complementary food? Classic method? BLW? What food will you give at what month? How will you get clean food?

We compile these and many similar questions, simplify and answer them in line with lean principles.

Peaceful Sleep Pattern (0-3 Years) (3 hours)

Is he/she sleeping enough? Why can’t he/she fall asleep right away? Should he/she sleep on the breast? Should he/she sleep with you? In his/her own bed? In his/her own room? When should night feeding be stopped? When will you be able to sleep uninterruptedly until morning?

We provide simple answers to your questions about sleep and meet for peaceful solutions.

Toilet Communication (0-3 Years) (3 hours)

Do you want to minimize the use of diapers and be able to leave diapers easily and peacefully when your baby is ready?

We are talking about a simple layout that you can set up at any time from the moment your baby is born. Moreover, we consider the options where you can continue the diaper use process completely without waste, and we also reduce the ecological and economic costs.

Lean Child (3 hours)

We notice our memories of childhood and children. We review the basic objective and psychological needs of children. We are talking about how to apply Lean Principles while raising our children for a peaceful and sustainable future.

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