Peaceful Life Workshops

By Yalın Kentli

Peaceful Life Workshops are our sharings that we invite to unity in order to establish strong connections with what is real, with ourselves and with those we communicate with, and to be in solidarity with the survivors and each other. We intend to be aware of our communication mistakes that we make in various ways at home, at work, on the screen, almost every day, to distinguish the violence we witness and remove it from our lives.

We aim to make our workshops marked “Pending Training” under this title free of charge to those in need. If you have the opportunity, you can buy these workshops for yourself or you can leave them as a gift for someone else in need. Be sure to review our Training Mentality for pricing and pending training details.

Our studies on psychological violence do not have a therapeutic purpose or content. For your needs in this regard, we recommend that you apply to professional psychotherapists who are experts in their field.

Peaceful Life Transformation Workshop (33 hours)

This workshop series covers our workshops on Distinguishing Psychological Abuse, Coping with Psychological Abuse, Fundamentals of Peaceful Communication and Lean Woman under the title of Peaceful Life.

You can write to us from our contact addresses to gift this workshop as a pending training or to benefit from the pending training.

Fundamentals of Peaceful Communication (6 hours)

Do you notice the intense noise on the communication lines? When high walls that prevents our understanding of each other are built? Do you wonder why you are unable to untie the knots of conflicts that you have entered even with your closest ones?

We review the elements of violence in our language and take the first steps with the intention of eliminating the noises we have created. We strengthen our connections with our emotions, psychological needs, and develop our empathy and request skills.

You can write to us from our contact addresses to gift this workshop as a pending training or to benefit from the pending training.

Conflict Resolution

We take our principles of peaceful communication, we try to reach a solution together by making practices specific to their conflicts for groups where communication conflicts are intense. In this workshop, we organize content suitable for the needs of groups applying on the basic flow and determine the workskop duration together.

Distinguishing Psychological Abuse (6 hours)

When you witness it, it makes you uneasy, maybe you experience psychological violence yourself. You can’t make sense of it, you have trouble naming it and understanding the reasons. In this workshop, we primarily distinguish the elements of psychological abuse with their aims and effects, and understand the cycle of the exploitative relationship. We are laying a strong foundation to deal with.

You can write to us from our contact addresses to gift this workshop as a pending training or to benefit from the pending training.

Coping with Psychological Abuse (18 hours)

It’s like you’re trapped in a cycle of torture that seems to never end. You are looking for solutions to get rid of. You know you have to do something to break the cycle. You are not alone or incurable. In this workshop, we understand our situation, recognize our needs and existing support resources, and examine solutions and how to implement them. We break the mold and light our way.

You can write to us from our contact addresses to gift this workshop as a pending training or to benefit from the pending training.

Understanding and Supporting the Survivor (6 hours)

You see, hear and pass by violent events. You don’t know what to do, you think you can’t do anything, you prioritize your own safety. Your voice cannot go beyond saying “No to Abuse/Violence” on social media. You find it difficult to understand why victims of abuse are silent and sometimes unable to get away from their abusers. You want to contribute to making their voices heard.

In this workshop, we examine the situation of the survivor of violence and abuse, the difficulties they face and the support they need. We talk about what we can do as an ordinary individual. We learn to communicate with them and direct them to the professional support channels they need.

Empowering Children Against Abuse (9 hours)

In a society where the tendency to violence is on the rise, we are concerned when it comes to our children. So how do we know if a child has been subjected to psychological violence? More importantly, how can we prevent this? How can we allow them to flourish by living their own experiences without being harmed in life? How can we support a child who is exposed to violence in the family or at school? In this workshop, we discuss these questions and talk about emotional needs, boundaries, trust, and building healthy bonds.

Distinguishing and Coping with Mobbing in the Workplace (6 hours)

We examine together how psychological violence manifests itself in the workplace, how it can be distinguished, prevented and coped with. This workshop is for individuals and groups who are exposed to mobbing in the workplace and/or who work to provide a peaceful work environment.

Lean Woman (3 hours)

We notice our memorizations about women. We awaken our awareness of the differences that apply to us in every area, from our education to our choice of profession and career, from our appearance to our motherhood, to the language used about and against us. We are discussing how to apply lean principles in a future where we can avoid the tendency to violence.

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