Zero-Waste Life Workshops

By Yalın Kentli

Zero-Waste Life Workshops will take you away from your standard routine and lead you to a zero-waste life, will be good for your health, and will lead you to lighten up and enjoy yourself.

With your participation in our workshops, you contribute to the free trainings and solidarity support of individuals in need. For pricing and pending training details >> Our Training Mentality

Zero-Waste Life Transformation Workshop (18 hours)

This workshop series is under the title of Zero-Waste Life and includes all the workshops listed below. At the same time, there is a special version for our younger ones between the ages of 8-17.

  • Compost in the City
  • Simplification
  • Recycling/Upcycling
  • Shopping Ethics
  • Becoming Free From Chemicals
  • Becoming Free From Plastics

Compost in the City (3 hours)

Do you know that our most valuable waste that goes to the garbage is organic waste? Food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, stems, seeds… How about turning them into soil effortlessly in your home?

We notice our organic waste, which we are used to seeing as garbage, and turn them into treasure. What can not be done with this treasure!

Simplification (3 hours)

Do you feel like you have more than you need or that you are in an unnecessary crowd? Finding where to start is sometimes difficult when you’re alone. Shall we try it together?

We examine our needs and what we consume. We start together to get rid of excesses, we talk about ways and methods. We put joy in the places that are opened. We are discussing the benefits of simplification.

Recycling&Upcycling (3 hours)

Have you heard of garbage mountains, waste seas? Do you know that a zero-waste life is possible? So let’s start from the beginning.

First we distinguish our garbage and waste, then we start recycling and upcycling by understanding why and how. We take responsibility for our own waste.

Shopping Ethics (3 hours)

Have you ever thought that the only way to meet your needs is to spend money? Do you know that there are other ways to shop that can save everyone? So that shopping can have an ethics?

We learn about other methods of meeting our needs, and we talk about ways to adapt these methods to our lives.

Becoming Free From Chemicals (3 hours)

Toxic chemicals everywhere in the kitchen, bathroom, skin, clothing, food. It’s time to get rid of chemicals to meet our needs without harming ourselves and the nature.

We first review our reasons for taking this path, and then learn about our alternatives. Together we realize what we will gain.

Becoming Free From Plastics (3 hours)

Plastics are all around us… Vast piles of what we use and throw away… Yet they have only been in our lives for a very short time.

First, we talk about our perceptions that allow us to see plastics as “indispensable”, and then we talk about ways to get rid of the plastics. We realize our alternatives. Together we are taking a few hundred more steps towards a waste-free life.

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